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The personal happiness

The new art of falling in love

Wise Sex

Peter Pan can grow

The secret of self-esteem

Love at the second attempt


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ElCambioPsicologico 500x765The psychological change (1998)

I wrote my first book for three reasons. The first one, because I needed to express my own ideas about self-help. The second reason, because I had plenty of time and I lacked money. And the third, because I came to the conclusion that if the work was mine I could recommend it with greater conviction.

Out of stock & discontinued.
Next edition revised and updated in October 2019.


LaFelicidadPersonal 500x765The personal happiness (1995)

Evaluating the book retrospectively I think that, of all my works, it is the one that says more things in fewer pages. Its greatest virtue is that it defends a model of happiness based on self-analysis and personal growth that is easily understandable and applicable. Perhaps that is why it has had so much acceptance among supporters of self-help.


ElArteDeEnamorar 500x765The art of falling in love (1998)

When I was young I told my girlfriends from then that one day I would write a book so that men would learn to fall in love. That immature illusion of my youth was transformed, thirty years later, into my most translated book. I suppose it was because defending that the art of falling in love is the art of improving is an idea valid for all cultures.

Out of stock & discontinued.
New updated edition published in November 2018 under the title "The new art of falling in love".


SexoSabio 500x765

Wise Sex (2001)

Wise sex meant a qualitative leap in my professional career and in my lifestyle. Since the book became a success that gave rise to a radio program and another of television, my name has been strongly associated with sexuality although, in fact, the years and work have made my sexual competence every time more theoretical and less practical.


AmorAlSegundoIntento 500x765Love at the second attempt (2006)

I do not know if it is my most complete work, but it is the most extensive. Fortunately, the obtained acceptance compensates the effort. I know that its reading has used for couples to separate, others to be reconciled and some others couples to be better. That reminds me of what Petronius said: you can marry or stay single, you will both have to repent.

Out of stock & discontinued
Next and new edition updated in January 2019.


LosColoresDeLaVida 500x765The colours of life (2009)

I have always liked aphorisms and one of my favourite hobbies has been to collect phrases and thoughts from others that I thought were especially brilliant and that inspired me to create my own puns. The result of this intellectual exercise is what allowed me to accumulate enough material to write this anthology of own aphorisms that, as it says in the back cover of the book, expresses "thoughts loaded with feelings".

Out of stock.


PeterPanPuedeCrecer 500x765Peter Pan can grow (2010)

Peter Pan is an endearing character who never existed, although his profile serves to define immature men who do not want to grow. But as my theory is that most of them do not want to because they do not know, in this book I offer them a self-help program based on Life Therapy that will help them overcome their scarcities and develop their abilities.


TuYYoSomosSeis 500x765You and I, are six (2012)

It is my deepest book but the least practical. That is why it is more suitable for lovers of philosophy than for those who support self-help. However, as it helps so that people can analyse themselves and discover their own defence mechanisms, surely every reader will find several slogans that will be useful.


ElSecretoDeLaAutoestima 500x765The secret of self-esteem (2015)

Perhaps to compensate the philosophical digressions that I allowed myself in "You and I, are six", where there was more reflection than strategies of action, in this book I think I get the opposite: to explain graphically the motivations of behaviour and to propose a new theory of personal security easy to understand and apply.


ElNuevoArteDeEnamorar 500x765

The new art of falling in love (2018)

Heraclitus said that "No man can cross the same river twice, because neither man nor water will be the same". That's what happens to me with The art of falling in love. Since I published the book in 1998 it has had so many editions that it has allowed me to subject it to several revisions. The successive contributions to the original text have been so substantial that I allowed myself to affirm that The new art of falling in love is not only a new book but also a better book.

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